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About us

We are here to serve any of your requirement for Custom Framing and Decorative Work. 

Previously have operated the picture framing business at East Village in New York City, our experienced personnel will help you with expertise.

Art printing, Photo Restoration and Digital Painting are also served with quality and value.

We are ready to share our creative aspirations with Home / Business owners, Artists, and Interior Designers.

We are located at historic district in Salem City , NJ (founded 1675). Well preserved bank building (built 1926) was newly renovated to Framing Shop / Art Gallery.


What we do

Custom Picture Framing/ Art Printing/ Photo Restoration/ Digital Painting/ Commercial

Custom Picture Framing

  • Archival & Conservation Framing

  • Needle Work

  • Shadow Box

  • Certificate / Diploma Framing

  • Mirror Framing

  • Dry Mounting, Laminating

  • Mat Cutting

  • Canvas Stretch / Gallery Wrap

Art Printing

  • Art Prints on Watercolor Paper

  • Quality Photo Prints

  • Canvas Prints

  • Professional Scanning

  • Adhesive Synthetic Vinyl

  • Banners

Photo Restoration

  • Professional Scanning

  • Delicate Restoration job for B&W, Color Photos

Digital Painting/ Graphics

  • Custom Painting

  • Graphic Design


  • Corporate / Business 

  • Schools / Institutions

  • Art Exhibition


History of  the Building

Salem National Banking Company is the oldest bank in the county (Established 1823)

Salem Bank is Moved by Horses:

Hundreds of People Watch Delicate Task on Thursday Afternoon 

"The banking house of the Salem National Bank and Trust Company is now moved from the site on Broadway that it has occupied since October, 1889, to the lot on New Market Street where it will be located. Hundreds of people witnessed the delicate task of moving the building last Thursday afternoon and were surprised with the ease with which it was accomplished. "The Bank closed for business at 3 P. M. and a half hour later the building was on its way to New Market Street. The officials and clerks remained in the Bank to finish the day's business and say that the only thing disturbed was the large chandelier in the center which vibrated just a trifle. "Within two hours the work had been accomplished. The building had been placed on iron rollers and these moved over regular railroad rails. A heavy cable was made fast to the center of the bank and by means of a windlass, two horses pulled the building along. It is said that the contractor figured on a safety load of 600 tons." 
Salem Standard & Jerseyman, Salem, NJ, May 26 1926

  • Salem city purchased the original bank building for use as "City of Salem Municipal Building"

  • New building of Salem National Bank & Trust Company was constructed on the site (1926)

  • Fidelity National Bank of PA (1994)

  • Sun National Bank

  • Salem Art Bank​​



        Tues - Fri : 10 am - 5 pm

                 Sat :   9 am - 3 pm

       Sun-Mon : Closed


Where we are

Contact us for further information. Bruce Jo



175 W Broadway
Salem, NJ 08079


(856) 279 2488

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